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Marianne & Christian's Wedding - The Bark Endeavour, Whitby

When Marianne first got in touch with me about their wedding on the Whitby Endeavour I was very excited! Whitby is one of my favourite places and the idea of a wedding on a boat out at sea sounded so romantic! However with the good old British weather being as unpredictable as ever I was very nervous that their day would be ruined by torrential rain! So when I woke up to glorious sunshine and an almost perfect weather forecast for the rest of the day I was over the moon. I took my seasickness tablets before I set of (just in case!) as it was a bit windy that day and I knew the sea would be quite choppy. However when I arrived I was told we would not be going out to see as it was too rough and we would just be sailing around the harbour, which I must say I was a little relieved about! Guests started to arrive and everyone boarded the boat for the bride’s arrival. Marianne looked beautiful and she had a crowd of spectators as she made her way onto the Endeavour. Sailing around the harbour was the perfect setting for their wedding blessing and I loved photographing every minute of it. Here are a few previews from their day...

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