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Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed to Beat the January Blues.

Five reasons to say ‘I do’ in January

1. Marry for less

Getting wed in this ‘low season’ month will mean you get more for less on the big day & as you jet off on your honeymoon. These savings will extend to guest travel & accommodation as well as to some suppliers who will usually be quieter as the new year dawns & people retreat back to normality after the excitement of the festive season.

2. Save the Date

The only stress associated with finding a wedding venue in January will come from being spoilt for choice. So, if you have had your heart set on a particular spot, maybe this is the month for you? No doubt you will have your pick of perfect dates & - perhaps most importantly - you are very unlikely to clash with any of your bride-to-be besties! Keep it unique, that way your future husband or wife has no excuse for forgetting the flowers on your anniversary.

3. White Wedding

Weather wise, although cold, January weddings can be some of the most beautiful - imagine how magical a blanket of snow would look, especially against the setting sun which always looks so beautiful in the winter.

4. Runaway Bride (& Groom)

January nuptials make for winter sun honeymoons & is there anything better than an injection of vitamin D (& sea) in the midst of what often feels like the l o n g e s t , coldest month of the year? What’s more, there are some great deals to be had when jetting off long-haul in January - you could even choose to elope & say ‘I do’ with sand between your toes!

5. Old, New, Borrowed, Blue

In the month that literally has a date known as ‘Blue Monday’, because it has been deemed the most depressing day of the year, what more could you & your friends & family want than to attend a celebration of love? Typically, most people are free as a bird in January as they have socialised so much during the festive season so no doubt your dance floor will be full & what better way is there to beat the blues than letting loose at a wedding?


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